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Who Are We by Frune 

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Track 1: SMILE (2:33) 


Drums   Michael Leuci    

Trumpet       Robert Owens

Piano     Peter Karoly      

Vocal/Bass  Frank Celenza

Fiddle    Russell Seeger  

Cello     Jonathan Preddice


Hello, how’ve you been?

It’s so nice whenever, you drop in

I always like, to see your face

It really brightens up this, gloomy place

And you know, How to make me smile

And I really need to do that, every once and a while

And if you think, that you need a friend

Look no further, because here I am 

And when its time, for you to go 

I’ll remember this like, it was my favorite show

Track 2: CHANGES COME (3:37)


Drums                                 John Soldo          

Keyboard                            Paul Celenza               

Vocals                                 Frank Celenza     

Bass                                    Jesse Celenza

Lead Guitar                         Anthony Celenza  

Nylon Guitar/percussion     George Oakley         


Changes come, and changes go

And every time, you lose my soul

And then I find that I’m here again

Right back where, I began 

Round and round, up and down 

In its rhythm, I am bound

There’ll be a day, when I’m released

Then ill finally, be at peace 

To and from, stop and go 

Sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow 

And I’m trying to hold on, to what I see

Knowing that, it will all be wiped clean

And if I try, before I die

To live the truth, and shed the lie

I will be, the part of me 

That’s never blind, and will always see





Track 1: SMILE (2:33)


Track 2: CHANGES COME (3:37) 


Track 3: I HEAR YOU TALKING (3:09) 


Track 4: I’M GOING TO THE COUNTRY (2:46) 


Track 5: CRAZY AND MEAN (3:06) 


Track 6: SHOEZY SUSIE (3:08) 


Track 7: LETTING GO (4:23)


Track 8: MY DOG MONTY (2:34)


Track 9: SAUDI SWING (4:35) 


Track 10: CORPORATE SLAVE (3:03)


Track 11: WHO ARE WE (4:54)

Track 3: I HEAR YOU TALKING (3:09) 


Drums                Greg D’Anca        

Trumpet              Robert Owens

Piano                  Peter Karoly        

Vocals/Bass        Frank Celenza

Guitar                  Russell Seeger    

Cello                   Jonathan Preddice


I hear you talking, you’re always talking

And I listen to, every word you say

When I can’t understand you, I listen anyway

Because you make me happy, you make me glad

You give me something that I only wished I had

And the way you love me, well it drives me mad

You got me skipping, you got me jumping 

You got me hopping and running, All over town 

And I’m telling everybody, about the love I found

(Yeah) I love you, I really love you

I love every little thing about you

And I love to watch all the crazy things you do

I hear you talking, you’re always talking 

And I listen to every word you say

When I can’t understand you, I listen anyway

When I can’t understand you, I listen anyway